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Sick of feeling stuck at normal? Our chiropractor in Albemarle, NC will help you get into peak physical and mental condition.

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When your spine is misaligned, you simply cannot perform at the highest level.

How does Upper Cervical Chiropractic work?

By correcting the alignment of the top two bones in your neck, we can alleviate numerous health conditions.

There’s no need to rely on pills and supplements to stay in peak physical and mental condition. We can relieve your back pain by improving your brain-to-body communication. Upper Cervical Chiropractic aligns your neck and spine to promote better communication from your brain to the rest of your body’s systems. To learn more about the benefits of a spinal adjustment, contact our team. 

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1. Schedule a Free Consultation

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2. Examination & X-rays

We take specific x-rays of your neck to determine your degree of misalignment.

3. Start a Care Plan

We recommend a customized care plan to get you back on the path to full health.

About Dr. Tucker

Dr. Derek Tucker is an Albemarle native with a passion to see the community healthy and thriving.

Dr. Tucker is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS). He has helped professional athletes maximize their training and has helped countless others achieve improved health and fitness.

As an experienced chiropractor, Dr. Tucker has completed over 100 hours of advanced specific Upper Cervical Spine training and is trained in the Webster Technique for pregnancies and birth.

Dr. Derek Tucker

What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Unlike general chiropractic, upper cervical doctors focus only on the top two bones in the neck.

The brainstem passes through the the top two bones in the neck and is responsible for transmitting the nerve impulses from the brain to every part of the body.

If one of the top two bones becomes misaligned, even slightly, it can affect the nerve transmission to any one or multiple parts of the body, resulting in a variety of health conditions.